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Cryptozoology has been defined as "the study of hidden animals," but sometimes involves
looking for creatures thought to be extinct.

In Western cultures, pterosaurs are often
taught to be extinct for millions of years.
But cryptids with names like "ropen,"
"indava," and "seklo-bali" resemble
pterosaurs in their descriptions from
eyewitnesses or the local traditions.
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Cryptozoology and Pterosaurs
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Searching for Ropens - Live Pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea
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Fiery Flying Serpent of the Bible
Live Pterodactyl
In Papua New Guinea, the ropen of Umboi Island (AKA Siasi Is.) shows
itself mostly at night, as it glows in
flight. The same is true for the indava
on the mainland, near Tawa Village.
Little is known about reports of the
seklo-bali (also on the mainland of
Papua New Guinea), except that it,
too, glows at night. Perhaps these
three names represent one species.
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