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Calling a trusted teenager in the afternoon, when you need to be away from your child tomorrow night--that usually involves a care-giver coming to your home to watch your child: commonly called "babysitting."

But what if you need to be away during
the day? Is a child-center institution the only place to take your child? If you live
in or near Long Beach, California, consider Whitcomb Family Daycare: a home away from home for your child.

Trusted by countless parents for over twenty years, Gladys Whitcomb is the one to call: 562 427-6027. The California state family home daycare license: 191604310.
This is the front door to the Whitcomb home. Welcome.
Meet Gladys
Calling a trusted adult who has decades
of experience caring for children--that is something other than babysitting: family home childcare involves taking your child to a home like the Whitcomb's.

Of course you could go to an institution that is filled with noisy kids running in
all directions. A new child could get lost.

You shall be treated with respect and
with understanding in the Whitcomb's
home at 4503 Walnut Avenue, Long
Beach, California, 90807.
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