Pterosaurs Alive
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Resources on Eyewitness Sightings and the Supposed or Assumed Extinction of All Species of Pterosaurs
Cryptozoological investigations are based on many reported sightings
of apparent living pterosaurs in a
number of countries worldwide.
Cryptozoology and Pterosaurs

Why Pterosaurs Are Not Extinct 

Research on Extant Pterosaurs
Cryptid Eyewitness
In the United States, Canada, Australia, and many European countries, pterosaur extinction is taken
for granted. But what about sightings, things that
are described like pterosaurs? Could it be? Maybe
these wonderful flying creatures are simply rare and
mostly nocturnal, rarely seen and even more rarely
reported by the shocked eyewitnesses. Maybe.
For many years, reports have accumulated. It now
seems that pterosaurs are indeed alive and well.
Birdwatching, Pterosaur Gawking
Non-fiction book
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