Pterosaurs Alive
In Press Releases
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For several years, press releases have given us shocking news about reports of what can only
be called live pterosaurs. Read them yourself.

Prepare for a shock, for pterosaur-like creatures have been reported in Papua New Guinea and elsewhere, including the United States.
Pterosaurs Alive
New Kind of Pterodactyl-like Creatures in Papua New Guinea 
Pterosaur-like creatures are said to glide, in daylight, over valleys in central New Britain Island
"Pterodactyls" are more likely living creatures than hoaxes
"Hoaxes are disproved," declares Jonathan Whitcomb, author of the nonfiction book,
"Live Pterosaurs in America."
An online researcher might also obtain much information by using a search engine with:
"press release ropens"
Modern Pterosaurs
1400 American Eyewitnesses
Jonathan Whitcomb, author of the nonfiction book "Live Pterosaurs in America," interviewed eyewitnesses from 19 states. The sightings themselves were from 1980 through 2008.
Whitcomb Expedition of 2004
Why did I go to that remote tropical island? To investigate reports of a large nocturnal flying creature that the local people call “ropen.” I came back with notes and video from interviewing about seventeen reliable eyewitnesses who saw the elusive creature.
Glowing Creatures Videotaped
In Papua New Guinea
Paul Nation, of Granbury, Texas, videotaped the lights one night, in November, 2006, in a remote mountainous area of the mainland of Papua New Guinea.
Hodgkinson's Ropen
or Pterodactyl
According to standard models of science, all of the pterosaurs became extinct by about 65 million years ago. Nevertheless, some interpreters of the Bible say that some pterosaurs lived in human times.