Modern Pterosaurs and Philosophy

On July 14, 2010, in philosophy, by Jonathan Whitcomb

Let’s consider sites dealing with how modern living pterosaurs relate to origin philosophies.

Choose Your Philosophy

How common for persons to be unconscious of their personal philosophical axioms! How rare, how refreshing for a person to recognize how personal axioms influence conclusions! (The common route, skimming the surface of consciousness and assuming we must think rationally, fails to take into account those axioms.)

Live Pterosaurs and Evolution

With the acceleration of living-pterosaur investigations in recent years, including ropen expeditions in Papua New Guinea, what would the discovery of a live pterosaur do to the General Theory of Evolution? What sounds like a simple question is actually complex. After years of studying the reports of live pterosaur-like creatures, and after years of pondering what extant pterosaurs would mean to science, I have discovered a complex answer.

Questions and Answers: The 2nd Edition of the Book Searching for Ropens

Q: Does a Christian belief cause bias in a scientific investigation?

 A: Belief in Jesus Christ did not hinder Isaac Newton or Galileo. Atheists and agnostics have their own core philosophical beliefs which tend to lead to different biases than those who believe in and interpret the Bible.

Three Philosophies of Origins


“Creationism is a belief system which postulates that the universe, Earth, and life on Earth were deliberately created by an intelligent being.” []


The official definition is “the theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process.” [].


One modern definition of the word “Naturalism” is “all things in the universe can be understood in scientific terms, without spiritual or supernatural explanations.

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