Dinosaur Extinction

On April 8, 2017, in philosophy, sighting in North America, by Jonathan Whitcomb

Concepts about dinosaur and pterosaur extinction, in light of the “Pteranodon Photo.”

By the nonfiction cryptozoology author Jonathan David Whitcomb

Consider the following direct evidence for the authenticity of the “pterodactyl photograph” and its significance. Earlier this year (2017), the physicist Cliff Paiva and I independently examined belt buckles on those soldiers in Ptp. We both came to the same conclusion: The soldier that appears to be standing in front of the animal is indeed closer to the camera than the other soldiers.

Genuine image of a pterosaur verified by two scientists

Examinations of both buckles and buttons confirms that this photograph is genuine


Quoting from the book

The Photoshop conjecture was so popular among many skeptics, before 2017, that I decided to look closer at those images of six men in Ptp. . . .

I numbered the men behind the animal (Figure-22) left to right: BS1  to BS5, knowing the man in front (FS) is closer to us, if the photo is genuine. Magnifying the image until the pixels could be counted, I found that FS has a wider belt buckle, later confirmed by Paiva . . .

I ran a similar test on buttons, finding the width for FS to be slightly greater, consistent with the buckles test.


Consistent evidence that no Photoshop hoax was involved

The image-sizes of both belt buckles and buttons shows that Photoshop manipulation was unlikely in the “Pteranodon photo.” Those apparent Union Civil War soldiers were apparently standing just as they seem to be, when the photograph was recorded. But was it actually during the American Civil War?

I don’t know (as of April 8, 2017) of anything in the photo itself that indicates that it was recorded before hostilities ceased in 1865. We do have evidence that it was before about the year 1870: the tree-branch prop under the beak.


evidence of pre-1870 photography in this Civil War photo of a pterosaur

Direct evidence of the use of a prop, consistent with pre-1870 photography


Photographers in the 1860’s would use props to help keep people from moving during the many seconds involved in taking photographs. In the above magnification, we see what appears to be a tree branch positioned under the beak of the apparent Pteranodon. This is perfectly consistent with the concept that the photo was taken before about 1870.


In spite of the philosophy of Charles Darwin and the dogma of universal extinctions of all types of dinosaurs and pterosaurs, we now have direct evidence that not all “pterodactyls” became extinct many millions of years ago. The photo we now call “Ptp” is from the 19th-century and apparently was recorded in North America, where countless eyewitness continue to see large featherless flying creatures, still living, that are very much unlike any bird or bat.

Of course many species have probably become extinct at some time in the past. But the Flood of Noah resulted in near extinctions rather than total extinctions. And whatever humans have done, over the past few thousands of years, to cause pterosaur extinctions, not all of their species have become extinct.


Copyright 2017 Jonathan David Whitcomb (“Dinosaur Extinction”)


The Pteranodon Photo

What may appear, on the surface, to be damning evidence that Ptp is a hoax is, in reality, easily answered. Not only does the apparent evidence for a fraud fall apart . . . but we actually have direct and indirect evidence that this old photograph, with apparent Civil War soldiers, actually comes from that period of history, and those men are probably actual American soldiers.


Civil War Pteranodon Photo

The winged creature with a Pteranodon-like head . . . —that was officially declared to be a genuine pterosaur by Clifford Paiva and me, Jonathan Whitcomb, on January 14, 2017.


Civil War Pterosaur Photo

Paiva has much experience in analyzing photographs. My background is more with eyewitness testimonies. Still, I was once a professional event videographer, with experience videotaping weddings, parties, and other events. That experience helped me see something in the Ptp photo, an apparently minor detail that most people would never notice. (See below: “Dragging the Pterosaur Across the Ground.”)


Modern Pterodactyl

Gideon Koro was a teenager when he and his friends encountered the giant ropen, as it flew over the crater lake, just north of his village. About ten years later, in 2004, the American cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb interviewed Gideon and two of the other eyewitnesses.


Civil War Pterodactyl Photo

We also need to understand that a more-recent imitation photo is a hoax, or at least a virtual hoax, created for a TV show. Do not confuse these two photos, for on the surface they appear similar. Some persons have been confused, thinking there is only one photograph.


Extant pterosaur in an old photograph

On January 14, 2017, Clifford Paiva (a physicist in California) and I spoke by phone and agreed that the following photo has an image of a real animal, with real wings.


Modern Pterosaurs is in harmony with the Flood of Noah

“Many of those who’ve searched for extant pterosaurs, and interviewed eyewitnesses, believe in the Bible, and that includes belief in the literal Flood as recorded in Genesis. We see modern species of pterosaurs as being in perfect harmony with the Flood of Noah.”


new non-fiction book about non-extinct pterosaurs

“A scientific discovery in harmony with the Flood of Noah in . . . the Bible”


Get your own copy of this extraordinary book about the discovery of a photograph of a modern pterosaur and how it relates to human encounters with these wonderful featherless flying creatures that are seen around the world.

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