Is “Modern Pterosaurs” a Creationist Book?

On March 23, 2017, in Old Testament, by Jonathan Whitcomb

The nonfiction cryptozoology book Modern Pterosaurs should be published well before the end of April, 2017 [update: it was on April 2]. The front cover gives no hint that it supports a Biblical Old Testament point of view, but the back cover clearly does:

A scientific discovery in harmony with the Flood of Noah in the book of Genesis, in support of the Bible

In addition, the copyright page says, “A scientific discovery in harmony with the Bible.” And one paragraph in the introduction of the book makes it clear:

Many of those who’ve searched for extant pterosaurs, and interviewed eyewitnesses, believe in the Bible, and that includes belief in the literal Flood as recorded in Genesis. We see modern species of pterosaurs as being in perfect harmony with the Flood of Noah. Until the announcement on January 14, 2017, our evidences for non-extinct pterosaurs was mostly in testimonies of eyewitnesses. Now we have a photograph to back up sighting reports and support belief in the Flood.

After that, however, only three other pages in the book mention either the Bible or the Flood of Noah. So if you’re looking for a new book about Biblical Creation in general, this might not satisfy you. What about the greatest scientific discovery of recent decades, one that supports the literal Flood of Genesis? That’s another story, and it’s in this nonfiction book.


Nonfiction book in harmony with the Biblical Flood of Noah

Modern Pterosaurs, Human encounters with living “pterodactyls”


Evolution and Religion

A big problem with many statements about evolution is that the word is used as if it were precise when, in reality, it has more than one meaning, regarding biology, and many of those who use the word are unaware of the distinctions.

Compare it to the following statement:

Taking a bath can be safer than a shower when a thunderstorm is approaching. Why? During the storm, a bath inside your home gives you more privacy than taking advantage of that shower.

Can a discussion about evolution really be that ludicrous? Precisely. Take three major ideas about biological evolution:

  1. Inherent genetic diversity
  2. Mutational changes in bacteria
  3. Common ancestry (Darwin)

How can evidence for one of those three support belief in another one? Those three concepts are separate, with the first two giving no real credibility to the third.

Several paragraphs in the book explain the “Evolutionary Boundary” experiment that proves that Darwin’s natural selection actually prevents any of the changes he imagined. In other words, real natural selection makes universal common ancestry impossible. Explaining that in detail, however, would take a book in itself.


The nonfiction Modern Pterosaurs is in complete harmony with the concept that the Flood of Genesis was a literal worldwide flood, although detailed explanations of exactly how extant pterosaurs are related to it are lacking. Let’s consider that here:

Pterosaurs survived the Flood because they were sheltered on the Ark. Whether many pterosaurs became extinct before the Flood or after it, some of them are still living.


Copyright 2017 Jonathan D. Whitcomb (“Is Modern Pterosaurs a Creationist Book?”)



New Cryptozoology Book Modern Pterosaurs

The new book has a photograph of an extant pterosaur, verified by me and by the physicist Clifford Paiva. Like my previous books, however, it does contain eyewitness accounts of these amazing flying creatures.


Religious Bias and the Ropen

I was asked about the possibility of religious bias in the thinking of those who believe the eyewitnesses of apparent living pterosaurs. I replied that bias is not restricted to those who are religious. Why should Christians be singled out for potential bias? Any person of any philosophy may well be biased about particular ideas.


Civil War Pteranodon Photograph

On January 14, 2017, the physicist Clifford Paiva, of California, and I (Jonathan Whitcomb) jointly agreed that the image of an apparent pterosaur in this photograph is in fact a valid recording of a modern pterosaur.


The Flood of Genesis, dinosaurs, and pterosaurs

The combination of a head crest and a Rhamphorhynchoid tail is uncommon in pterosaur fossils (but not totally absent from all types); yet that combination is common in eyewitness reports in the past 100 years. For some reason, long-tailed ropens (like Rhamphorhynchoids but sometimes much larger than fossils) may account for more than 60% of all modern pterosaurs, perhaps much more.


Old Civil War Pteranodon Photograph

If you had asked me about this old photograph, of an apparent pterosaur, 25 years ago, I would have said that it’s probably a hoax. How much I have learned in recent years!


new non-fiction book about non-extinct pterosaurs

In the genre of nonfiction cryptozoology, the background is this: Biblical creation is real

Purchase your own copy of the new book Modern Pterosaurs.

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