Brave women who tell the truth

On November 22, 2014, in sighting in North America, by Jonathan Whitcomb

The nonfiction book Brave women who tell the truth, to be published in 2015, will take you into the lives of many female eyewitnesses who have enlightened and inspired the world by revealing what they have encountered: modern living pterosaurs. The new paperback will also include other women who helped in this amazing field of investigation in cryptozoology.

For now, consider some of what is found in other books on these flying creatures, from the lips of women who have seen them:

Live Pterosaurs in America, third edition

I’m also grateful to have received a report from a young lady who was a child when she had a sighting in Brownsville, Texas. I’ll call her “GR.”

She was twelve years old, at most (around 1995), when she walked out into her backyard one morning to check on the dog, for the dog food was untouched. . . . Next door, in the neighbor’s backyard, was what she first thought was a tall man; but he was about as tall as the house, too tall. He was “draped in a long black coat or cape,” facing away from her. “Dracula” came to mind as GR tried to understand what she was looking at. The “man” turned, and revealed a face that terrified the child: It was non-human.

Slowing the creature (revealing itself to be neither human nor bird) unwrapped its bat-like wings, dark leathery wings. . . . Her mind still raced for an explanation, something that would make sense of what see was watching. A large bird, maybe? No, it was nothing like that: too big, and without feathers. The girl was frozen in fear, watching what the thing would do.

With big black eyes, it stared at her, and began to walk towards her. . . . Distracted by some noise, fortunately, the creature turned away from the girl, revealing to her another perspective of its head. “Pterodactyl” came into her mind, although it seemed a crazy idea.

Unfortunately, the creature turned back towards the girl. She slowly crept backwards towards the back door, hoping to get inside in time. The creature then gently lifted up off the ground, floating or gliding at her, but the girl just managed to dive through the door, slamming it behind her.

She tried to explain what had happened, crying hysterically . . . Her efforts to convince others of her experience all failed. Blue heron photos were shown to her, for naught. She knew that what she had encountered was nothing like any picture of any bird her father could show her. Ridicule followed, but she knew that she had seen a “pterodactyl,” and nobody could convince her otherwise.

Searching for Ropens and Finding God, fourth edition

On the other side of the planet [from the southwest Pacific], glowing creatures have been seen flying over the waters of the Caribbean. I know that an undiscovered bioluminescent bird may be proposed as an explanation, but these two sightings remind me of the ropen.

First report from the Caribbean:

“I got your email address off a website about ropens. My daughter and I were on a cruise, May 2010, and encountered a very real sighting of two fluorescent birds. We were somewhere between Cuba and Haiti. The sighting occurred around 2 a.m. To the best of our knowledge, no one else witnessed this.

“We tried contacting Royal Caribbean but they never responded. My nephew had told us of a show he had seen on the History Channel about this very thing. . . .

“The sighting was on the second day of our cruise. We left Miami . . . on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas. We sailed for 2 days before our first stop in Haiti.

“. . . around 1 or 2 A.M. my daughter and I returned to our cabin. She went out on the balcony and called me out about 15 minutes later to see something weird. . . . Off in the distance were two, very, very large, pink/orange fluorescent birds flying behind each other. They looked like the flying dinosaurs, I forget what they are called. They would fly towards the ship, then back out to sea, then fly together in tandem then make a sharp right, away from the ship and disappear into the night. Then they would return. . . . The following morning at breakfast, I asked if anyone had witnessed this and everyone thought we were nuts, saying we were drinking a bit too much. That is not the truth.”


Eyewitness Patty Carson now lives in CaliforniaPatty Carson, eyewitness of “Gitmo pterosaur”


Missing Persons and Flying Creatures

From reading only a few dozen pages [of a nonfiction book on missing persons], I noticed the possibility a rogue ropen may have attacked some persons, although this is still speculative, based upon a small percentage of the living-pterosaur sighting reports that I have received over the past eleven years. A few modern pterosaurs do seem to have gone bad, and an apparent ropen has been known to approach a human through a suspicious dive.

Glowing Flying Serpent of Bible

And why label any snake with “flying?” So many better descriptions come to mind for an animal that might ambush, surprise, or terrorize its victims from the ground. Warriors in battle might be described as “flying” upon their enemies, but there is no doubt about that meaning. A non-human that flies has wings, so let’s consider that possibility. And, if I have been informed correctly, the original Hebrew relates to a back-and-forth or up-and-down motion, like the flight of a bird. It fits with a battle where swords constantly swing back-and-forth or up-and-down; it does not fit with a single forward-motion strike of a snake.


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