Last year I wrote a press release on my estimate of how many Americans have seen an obvious living pterosaur from 1980 through 2008. At least one cryptozoologist appeared to take offense, thinking that I was trying to use circular reasoning to promote the concept of living pterosaurs. Such was not my motive.

The eyewitness testimonies that we have received from many Americans, over the past few years–those are the evidence for living pterosaurs. The 1400 who mostly have kept quiet, not telling any cryptozoologist about any sighting–those testify, in their numbers, how serious is the problem we have in Western countries: Eyewitnesses are afraid to tell anybody about what they have seen. And 1400 is a conservative estimate.

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2 Responses to “1400 American eyewitnesses of live pterosaurs”

  1. The “1400” I determined by a few accounts that involved more than one eyewitness per sighting (usually only one of a group will report anything to me). That helped me make this crude estimate, based on how many eyewitnesses never report to me their experiences. I know that “700-3000” would have better shown the rough nature of the calculation, but I felt a need to dramatically emphasize how many persons keep quiet about what they have seen.

  2. I’m preparing to do a survey to get some idea of how close 1400 is to the number of Americans who have observed an obvious living pterosaur within the past three decades.

    Any suggestions?