A 38-year-old woman in a residential neighborhood of Lakewood, California, just northeast of Long Beach, reported a “dragon-pterodactyl” that had no feathers but a long tail with a “dragon” “triangle” at the of that tail. She sent me an email, within hours of her sighting on June 19, 2012, and described her encounter:

“[At 11:45 a.m., I was] sitting under my gazebo playing on my computer in Lakewood, CA. My dog started going crazy barking and whining . . . I got up after 30 seconds or so . . . I walked out from under the awning and lost my breath when I saw this huge dragon pteradactal looking thing. I scared it because when he saw me he jumped off the telephone wires and when he opened his huge wings . . . I watched him fly across to a large tree and go inside [the canopy of that tree].”

Except for its size, this flying creature resembles the ropen seen flying into the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Orange County, California, in 2007. That flying creature flew only a little above the road on the west side of that nature center and the creature was the same length, nose-to-tail-end, as that road: thirty feet.


storm channel in Lakewood, California, near where a ropen perched in 2012

The storm channel near where the ropen was perched on June 19, 2012

Baby Pterodactyl in Lakewood, California?

For Lakewood residents, don’t leave your Chihuahua overnight in the backyard, at least not if your backyard is bordered by a storm channel. . . . When she was gazing at the creature, she felt like running into the house from fear, but her curiosity kept her rooted to where she was standing . . .

Nocturnal Ropen Appears in Daylight in Southern California

. . . she and her husband were interviewed by the cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb. She estimated the wingspan at five and a half feet. Whitcomb realized that she could not have seen a Frigate bird, sometimes mistaken for a pterosaur, for the lady described a long neck and a “triangle on his tail, like a dragon.”

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