With BMP now two years old, let’s look at some of the most popular posts, beginning with the oldest and most visited, “New View on the Fiery Flying Serpent.” Please let me know if you have any suggestions not mentioned here:

#1  New View of the Fiery Flying Serpent

This addresses problems with the traditional interpretation. Some Bible experts have suggested that the animals were not themselves like fire and not actually flying, but that they were literal snakes. That traditional approach almost strikes out on the spot, for only one of three critical points are taken literally. This post suggests the creatures themselves were like fire (bioluminescent), were actually flying (Rhamphonrhynchoid pterosaurs), but that they were not literal snakes.

#2  Strange Flying Creatures and Bulverism

Explains the meaning of “bulverism” and how it relates to discussions (or lack of true discussions) on pterosaur extinction. A particular paleontologist is mentioned. A little is mentioned about the 1856 European “pterodactyl” of the famous railway tunnel (a newspaper hoax).

#3  Weird Bat-Like Creatures

The third most visited post includes information on two sightings in Washington state. In addition, it mentions the possibility that some nocturnal pterosaurs catch and eats bats at night. It also mentions a few native names for the large flying creatures of the night in Papua New Guinea.

#4  Christopher Schorerum Dragon Sighting in 1619

At first I was surprised to see this post was so popular: 9% of all visits to the many posts are to this one. Perhaps it is the word “dragon.” That word does attract some attention from some web surfers.

The sighting of this glowing “dragon” was in Switzerland, near Mount Pilatus, in 1619, and the eyewitnesses gave some details, although few of them are quoted on this post. This old sighting is compared with that of Jacob Kepas. When he was a boy, he saw the glowing seklobali one night, as it flew over his village in Papua New Guinea.

#5  Live Pterosaurs: We Aren’t in Kansas Anymore?

One of my favorite titles for a post. The two sightings mentioned were northwest of Witchita and near Garden City.

. . . driving to town from the family farm between Rush Center and Larned, Kansas. I could not believe my eyes as I immediately thought of a prehistoric bird when I saw it. It must have had a wing-span of 16-20 feet.

#6  Missionary-Pilot Jim Blume

. . . deep in the mainland interior of Papua New Guinea, Paul Nation . . . and Jacob Kepas . . . observed the indavas . . . The nocturnal flying creatures appeared to be like the ropen . . . glowing at night with apparent intrinsic bioluminescence. Paul recorded two of the lights . . . and the  footage was later analyzed by a physicist [Clifford Paiva], confirming that the lights were not from any car headlights, flashlights, meteors, airplanes, camp fires, or paste-on hoax.

#7  Marfa Lights to Monstrous Heights

About a Houston Chronicle newspaper article about my ideas about the mysterious ghost lights of southwest Texas, the Marfa Lights. A staff writer for that large daily newspaper took a dismissive attitude regarding my ideas.

#8  Model Pterodactyl Shot Down

The title is symbolic, of course. Model “pterodactyls” often totally fail to explain significant pterosaur sightings. Perhaps the most obvious is Hodgkinson’s sighting in 1944, in a remote jungle clearing: impossible to have been an airplane model. (But that example is not one of those listed on this post.)

#9  “Objective Ministries” Site if a Hoax

There seems to be no professor named “Richard Paley.” Even “Fellowship University” is nonexistent. Although parts of at least some of the pages refer to real persons and at least one real expedition . . . “Objective Ministries” is a huge joke . . .

#10  Eskin Kuhn Sighting and Creationist “Claims” — There was no Hoax

This refutes a careless little blog post by a critic-skeptic who assumed that the U. S. Marine Eskin Kuhn had played a hoax. That U. S. Marine then got in touch with that critic-skeptic and there was an apology . . . not from the U. S. Marine. (But that part of the story is missing from this post.)


Missionary James Blume interviews an old native man

Missionary Jim Blume asks an old man about a grave robbery by the ropen (from a video recorded in Papua New Guinea, in the 1990’s).


cover of nonfiction cryptozoology book "Live Pterosaurs in America"

Third edition of the non-fiction cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America. Purchase your own copy and learn of these amazing encounters, through the more-credible sighting reports, those found to be more-likely actual living “pterodactyls.” Your purchase shall also help support future investigations, perhaps even quicken the official scientific discovery of these wonderful flying creatures. This book is in nonfiction-cryptozoology genre.

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