Let us be Fair to the Young Earth Creationist

On November 29, 2011, in philosophy, by Jonathan Whitcomb

For years I have worked with Young Earth Creationists in bringing to light evidence for modern living pterosaurs. For years critics have dismissed the possibility of live pterosaurs because the idea is promoted by YEC’s who believe in the Bible. This unfair approach, commonly accompanied by bulverism, now deserves attention.

Cryptozoology Book

Although the third edition (like the previous two) of Live Pterosaurs in America is not a YEC book but a cryptozoology book, it extols the accomplishments of Bible-believing Christian explorers who searched jungles in Papua New Guinea and interviewed many native eyewitnesses of flying creatures whose descriptions make them obvious candidates for living pterosaurs.

Page 111:

That multi-critic reasoning seems to have created circularity with the reputation my associates and I have in some online forums. A vicious web site includes these key words: “Creationist Claims, Fabrications, Falsehoods, Idiocy . . . Stupid Lies, hoax. . . .” The body of the web page refers to our “delusional eyes.” I find that combination of insults interesting, for one definition of “delusion” is “a false belief or opinion,” and telling a lie means communicating something contrary to what the deceiver believes: an unlikely combination.

Page 113:

We creationist living-pterosaur investigators, although mostly belonging to different churches, agree that the hand of an intelligent Creator can be recognized in the life of this world and in the life of God’s word in scripture.

Page 114:

Expeditions to find living pterosaurs have been creationist expeditions, with few exceptions. A creationist believes that God created the universe, including this world of life. (I believe earth-age is secondary, at most, notwithstanding what is written under “Ropen” on Wikipedia) Most of us who have explored tropical rain forests in Papua New Guinea, searching for pterosaur-like animals, have done so with hope that humans will find God, even if we fail to find overwhelming proof of living pterosaurs.

Page 115:

Our greatest opposition has come from outspoken critics who have been offended by our creationism. But why should those with different religious beliefs deride our efforts? Without cryptid-hunting creationists, little progress would have been made: no investigations in the southwest Pacific or in North America. Nothing would have happened; nobody else cared.

Not all Christian creationists have identical beliefs. I am one of a minority who believes in both a young life on earth (regardless of earth age) and an old universe. A common ground for Christian creationists, however, is the Biblical account of Noah: a world-wide flood. This I too believe.

Special Thanks

I now give credit to several YEC Christians who have helped me over the past nine years, helping make possible my successes in the investigation of eyewitness accounts of modern living pterosaurs. Special thanks I give to Carl Baugh, Paul Nation, Garth Guessman, David Woetzel, Peter Beach, Phillip O’Donnell. These brave men have given their names to the world, in spite of ridicule, and have searched for living pterosaurs.

I have also received special encouragement and consultation from Scott Norman, James Greene, and others who have made a positive difference in bringing the truth to light.

Young Earth Creationism Writings

I now direct attention to some writings of YEC Christians (while ignoring “Yukon Energy Corporation,” “Youth Employment Commission,” “Young Entrepreneur Club,” and “Yoga Event Calendar”). I do not necessarily agree with everything said in the following, but I feel that at least much of it deserves consideration and appreciation.

Utah’s Testimony to Catastrophe

In July 2006 I had the privilege of visiting Utah and wandering through some of the amazing geological formations there. The dry conditions and immense heat (regularly high temperatures of 100°F—about 38°C) make it harsh by European standards. . . .

. . . The apparent evidence of vast deposition followed by vast erosion speaks of catastrophic floodwaters. The ground rises dramatically on the west of the state toward south-central Utah to “younger” (in evolutionary explanations) Cenozoic formations in the regions of Cedar City and Cedar Breaks National Monument and Bryce and Zion National Parks. . . .

All over Utah there is evidence of Indian culture in the past: petroglyphs (drawings) inscribed on the rocks. Such rock art found all over Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and other western states is not fully understood. . . .

. . . We hiked down to the bottom of the valley to see it close up, and sure enough, there were a number of fading-but-still-visible petroglyphs including one of a sauropod dinosaur. The dinosaur image was in the same style as all the other petroglyphs on the rock near Kachina bridge.

Creation of a Bacterial Cell Controlled by a Chemically Synthesized Genome

I think the media is more about sensationalized entertainment than informative reporting, but you would expect them to at least accurately report the facts somewhere in their reporting. I shouldn’t be surprise at the exaggerated claims from the popular press, except over time we have become desensitized to this misreporting and we are being collectively brainwashed to believe the popular press rather than reality.

This is why I laugh at anti-dam idiots!

Read more here: Can salmon evolve to survive among fish-killing dams? | OregonLive.com

No, I do not believe in evolution! I do believe that God gave animals the ability to adapt to survive in many environments!

Louisiana Education Legislation

In 2008 Louisiana passed the “Louisiana Science Education Act,” marking the only legislative success that creationists have had in recent times. . . . to “help students understand, analyze, critique, and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of existing scientific theories pertinent to the course being taught.”

Building the Right Foundation in Asia

“We really need to reeducate ourselves because we have always been indoctrinated with Darwin’s evolution and millions of years theories and it’s not going to be easy; we have always assumed that Discovery Channel and National Geographic is right!”  Hope you can assist to fill this vacuum.


From the Introduction in the nonfiction cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America (third edition; author: Jonathan David Whitcomb), we read:

During those years of expeditions in the southwest Pacific, reports in our own country became impossible to ignore; I received many emails from eyewitnesses across the United States, and the reports kept coming in. Pterosaur-like creatures are not all confined to the tropics. As we began to listen to those Americans, we noticed report-similarities: long tails (often) and apparent bioluminescence (sometimes). We began to believe.

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