Pterosaur Experts

On November 16, 2011, in Sighting in Papua New Guinea, by Jonathan Whitcomb

Using alphabetical order by surname and dividing pterosaur experts into two categories, a partial list is formed:

Modern-Living-Pterosaur Experts (including experts on the bioluminescent ropen)

Garth Guessman

Paul Nation

Jonathan Whitcomb

David Woetzel

Expert on Pterosaur Fossils

Alexander Kellner

David Martill

Darren Naish

David Unwin

Peter Wellnhofer

Live-Pterosaur Experts – the details

Garth Guessman (from creationwiki)

Guessman’s knowledge of Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur fossils allowed him to notice an important clue about the ropen‘s classification. The two explorers learned that the native traditions describe the ropen’s tail as being stiff, never moving except near where it connects to the body. Guessman recognized that this relates to the stiffening extension rods of Rhamphorhynchoid vertebrae: all but a few vertebrae are locked into stiffness; the few that are flexible are near where the pterosaur’s tail connects to the body.

Paul Nation (from creationwiki)

As a living-pterosaur investigator, Paul Nation, of Granbury, Texas, conducted brief expeditions in Papua New Guinea in 1994 (with Carl Baugh), 2002, 2006, and early 2007 . . . His expedition of late 2006, with Jacob Kepas, resulted in many nighttime sightings and he videotaped two indava lights on a ridge above one of his camps. This video footage was analyzed by a missile defense physicist in early 2007, verifying that the two light sources were not created by hoax, camera artifacts, meteors, airplanes, auto headlights, or lanterns.

Jonathan Whitcomb (please excuse the self reference from Live Pterosaur Media Center)

He has been on broadcast radio talk shows and . . . was consulted by both the Destination Truth and MonsterQuest production teams before their expeditions in Papua New Guinea. Wikipedia’s definition of “ropen” is taken from Whitcomb’s nonfiction book Searching for Ropens. His promotion of the concept of modern living pterosaurs has been mentioned in a number of  newspapers, including the Houston Chronicle.

David Woetzel (from creationwiki)

David Woetzel, a New Hampshire businessman, is an active cryptozoology explorer, having searched for the Mokele Mbembe in Africa and the ropen in Papua New Guinea. His 2004 expedition to Umboi Island, with Garth Guessman and Jacob Kepas, resulted in detailed interviews with villagers. In addition, Woetzel himself saw what investigators believe was a bioluminescent ropen (a living pterosaur) one night as the distant glowing form flew behind a mountain.

Press Room for Modern Pterosaur

I first address comments made by Brian Switek on a blog post for the Smithsonian Magazine, the post being titled, “Don’t Get Strung Along by the Ropen Myth.” I do not question whether or not he is a pterosaur expert in the normal meaning of those words, but he is doggedly dogmatic in defending pterosaur extinction.

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