To see a Pterosaur, Drive or Take a Walk

On October 25, 2011, in sighting in North America, by Jonathan Whitcomb

Offhand, I recall two eyewitnesses who had seen an apparent pterosaur while looking out a window of their homes. I have read about one eyewitness who was looking out the window of a hospital. But far more common are the eyewitnesses who were outside or driving a car.

Driving While Under the Influence of a Pterosaur

Two weeks ago, Americans (at least a few Americans) observed Drive Safely Work Week; this week, it’s National Teen Driver Safety Week. I doubt we will ever have Drive Safely While Witnessing a Live Pterodactyl Week. But in the United States, driving may be the most common activity when someone sees an apparent living pterosaur (probably because most Americans are usually indoors when they’re not in an automobile).

Live Pterosaurs: We Aren’t in Kansas Anymore?

I had seen an extremely large bird that resembled a pterodactyl some years ago when [I was] driving to town from the family farm between Rush Center and Larned, Kansas. I could not believe my eyes as I immediately thought of a prehistoric bird when I saw it. It must have had a wing-span of 16-20 feet.

Outdoors in Australia, driving or standing or walking

We both saw it appear from the side of the road as a black big shape moving fast . . . the wings were so big. black bat leather like; one wing covered the car with it’s body . . . as it bended it’s wing to continue flight you could see how strong it was, so big; I could imagine the force of wind the wings would make if we were not in the protection of the car; it was so close I thought we were going to hit it. The crazy thing, we could here the loud swoosh noise it made with its wings, twice: before it went over the car and as it was going over; it is a modern car the window’s were up; that is a big noise . . .

Living Pterosaur in Australia

I was [driving] towards the ocean . . . We heard . . . the swoosh noise . . . [we saw] a black shape coming from the trees; the next thing we saw was one wing over the windscreen. It crossed our path . . . I couldn’t see the road for a moment, just wing covering the entire windscreen. The body was over the car and it’s other wing, over the back . . . we could not see the body . . . [only] the wing: bat like leather, veins and leather stretched over a bone structure. That was dinosaur era.

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