The Flood of Genesis
Criticisms of the literal interpretation of
the Flood of Genesis relate mostly to a conflict between opposing philosophies
Most critics of  Noah's Flood impose their strict-naturalism philosophy onto an opposing philosophy. It's like a devoted Scrabble player who places letters on top of a jigsaw puzzle, insisting that the words make more sense than the incomplete picture: Play one game at a time, please.
For example, when a strict-naturalist asks how there could have been enough water to cover the highest mountians (or what happened to all the water afterwards), the assumption is that the highest mountains took millions of years to become high; but uniformitarianism geology plays an important part in strict-naturalism, not creation science or traditional religious philosophies about Genesis. If, during the Flood of Noah, there were, temporarily, no high mountains, then there is no insurmountable problem with waters covering the earth.
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