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Institutional preschool child care may be the first thing that some people think of, regarding caring for preschoolers. But that might not be what is best for your child.

Whitcomb Family Daycare, in Long Beach, California, provides some benefits not found in institutions.
Your child will never be intimidated by dozens of noisy children in the Whitcomb home: far different from a typical institutional preschool.

Phone 562 427-6027 and talk with Gladys Whitcomb herself, not a secretary or sales representative. "You'll be glad you called Gladys."
Faces are covered to
hide child-identity online.
Not All Preschools Are Large Institutions
January 2, 2010
Family home childcare in California is of two types: large and small. Whitcomb Family Daycare is a "large" child care home, with a maximum child-capacity of 12-14. New children in this home are not intimidated by dozens of kids, as
they could be in an institutional child
care facility. A home environment is actually best for many children, and many parents prefer Whitcomb Family Daycare to any other care giver.
Not all preschools or child care homes help preschoolers with potty training. But at the Whitcomb Family Daycare, potty training is provided.

And how many other child care homes provide preschool reading help like the WORDS program offered by Jonathan and Gladys Whitcomb? Few indeed.

California License # 191604310
Whitcomb Family Daycare is at 4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach, California, 90807, convenient to the city of Lakewood (near Cherry Ave and 45th St.)